Responsible Use Guidelines

Please keep in mind the following: 
  • We have a four hour booking minimum (must be consecutive hours). For scheduled shifts of 8 hours or more, an 8 hour minimum applies. The hourly minimum applies to EACH shift. 
  • Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel or change timing of your reservation, please do so 24 hours in advance. For evening reservations, you must cancel no later than 4pm one day prior to your booking. Once you are within the 24 hour cancellation policy, you are welcome to extend the time frame of your reservation (based on sitter availability). However, we cannot adjust the start time of your reservation once you are within the 24 hour cancellation policy. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your confirmed booking time, babysitter fees will be charged to the credit card on file in addition to the agency fee. We cannot waive cancelation fees for any reason including travel delays/illness/family scheduling emergencies. 
  • Very rarely, a sitter becomes unavailable due to illness or other unavoidable complication. If a sitter has to cancel an appointment, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will arrange a substitute sitter if one is available. If no substitute sitter is available, we will refund all charges. 
  • Sitters cannot care for sick children, including those who have a fever, productive cough or those who may have a contagious disease, or for children who are staying in the same accommodations as other individuals exhibiting symptoms of illness. If a sitter arrives to find a child or other individuals with an undisclosed illness, the sitter may terminate the appointment at the sitter’s discretion. If the sitter chooses to terminate the appointment, the client will be charged the applicable billing minimum, plus a 5% cancellation fee. 
  • Schedule Changes: Please call your sitter as soon as possible if you realize you will not return at your scheduled time. Sitters may have transportation dependencies or another commitment. Please don’t return late without checking with your sitter first. If your sitter advises you that she/he has a “hard stop” at a certain time, please respect that. 
  • Sitter Duties: Babysitters are child care professionals. They will happily clean up any play or meal-time messes created by the children, but general house-cleaning, laundry and similar tasks are best left to your lodging’s domestic staff. 
  • Number of Children: The hourly rate charged is based on the total number of minors (under age 18) present during the appointment. If the number of children present varies during the appointment, the sitter will adjust the rate accordingly. If the total number and/or ages of the children differs from the information in the confirmed reservation, the sitter may adjust the rate or terminate the appointment, at the sitter’s discretion. If the sitter chooses to terminate the appointment, the client will be charged the applicable billing minimum, plus a 5% cancellation fee. 
  • Babysitter Information: We are happy to share your babysitter's information with you! We can do this 24 hours in advance of your reservation. Please feel free to call us during that time, and we will provide you with your sitter details. In addition, your babysitter should give you an introductory call 24 hours in advance of your reservation start date. Please keep in mind, that all changes or cancelations to your reservation MUST go through the agency. Please do not contact your babysitter directly to cancel or change your reservation.